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The best mattress for your budget

Tired of being tired yet? Your mattress is probably the source of your constant exhaustion. As a matter of fact, most people do not realize the effect a bad mattress can have on their overall health. 

That is why Furniture of Dalton wants to get you a brand new bed that is perfect for you!

No matter the size of your savings, there’s a quality mattress in your price range.

Whether your wallet is tight or your coffers overflowing, we’ll let you know the best bet for your budget. 

Table Of Contents

  • Low Budget

  • Mid Range

  • Luxury

Low Budget 

Need a new mattress, but still waiting on that raise? Don’t fret! There are great, affordable mattress options available, if you look in the right places.

For a fresh take on a classic mattress, try the Southerland Alto.

All Southerland Mattresses are made in the US, with over 120 years of manufacturing experience.

The Alto model has a traditional support system of pocket coils under a modern comfort layer of memory foam.

If you prefer a soft, sinkable mattress, opt for the pillow-top or plush version. Want a bit more support? Go with the firm version.

Extra perk? This mattress is designed to work with adjustable bed frames.

Low Budget Mattress  
Alto Mattress by Southerland

If you’re on the memory foam boat, but don’t have the big bucks to blow, the Dreamer by Bed Boss is by far your best bet.

A medium-firm memory foam is a rare find in this budget range, and this version is a keeper.

Made with CertiPUR-US® memory foam, the Dreamer is free from many of the chemicals hiding in other mattresses, like formaldehyde and lead.

This also means low VOC emissions, which makes it a more sustainable choice.

Cheap Mattress
Dreamer Mattress by Bed Boss

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Mid Range


Have a bit more to spend, but still looking for great value?

Choose American made with the Southerland Sonata.

A step up from the Alto, the Sonata ups the comfort layer with advanced memory foam and latex.

Top that off with a premium Tencel® cover, for a natural casing that wicks away moisture.

Mid Range Mattress 
Sonata by Southerland

Love the memory foam, but want a little traditional support? Turn to the Bed Boss Heavenly Hybrid.

This is the best of both worlds, with a perfect pairing of innersprings and memory foam.

Gel-infused foam keeps your comfort cool, and CertiPUR-US® foam is back to keep your bedroom chemical free.

Mid Price Mattress 
Heavenly Hybrid by Bed Boss

Want decades of science supporting your sleep? Turn to Kingsdown, whose hallmark is craftsmanship paired with serious sleep research.

The Passions Expectations is a top choice for a mid range mattress.

Three sizes of pocket coils provide superior support, topped with gel infused memory foam.

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Looking for the cream of the crop? Kingsdown has you covered, once again.

Top of the line 600 series has a latex pillow top with pocketed coils.

This series uses revolutionary bedMATCH™ diagnostic system to find the best support for your sleeping needs.

Luxury Mattress 
600 Series by Kingsdown

For a cool night of sleep, choose the Kingsdown Crown Imperial, a deluxe hybrid mattress.

Tri-zone pocketed coils boost cooling layers of memory foam and micro coils, providing serious, conforming support.

A tufted damask cover features silk and wool for ultimate luxe.

Luxury Mattresses
Crown Imperial by Kingsdown


Whether you’re investing in your first mattress, or upgrading to the best, these recommendations span the range. Follow our lead and look forward to better rest ahead!

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