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Bedroom Best: Eight Great Ways to Style your bedroom

Looking for your best bedroom? Check out the styles below to find your favorite take on sleeping space. Curl up and settle in for a journey towards your best rest.

Table Of Contents

  • Rustic

  • Romantic

  • Classic

  • Contemporary

  • Bohemian

  • Retro

  • Coastal

  • Cottage



Rustic Bedroom

Hill Country Fair Oaks Bed by Hooker

Rustic bedrooms are warm, welcoming and earthy. Focus on natural, textured materials like weathered wood and linen bedding. Crackling fire at your feet? Perfection…

Colors to Consider: Olive, Sepia, Rust, Sage, Stone

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Romantic Bedroom Style

Sanctuary Upholstered Bed by Hooker

Romantic bedrooms are elaborate, sumptuous, and inviting. Focus on flowing curtains, plush carpets, and downy pillows. Ornate mirrors add depth and drama. That secret stash of champagne won’t go to waste…

Colors to Consider: Eggplant, Plum, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver

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Classic Bedroom

Springville Upholstered Bed by Durham

Classic bedrooms are traditional, elegant, and refined, with a touch of formality. Focus on dark, high shine wood and elegant side pieces. Extra points for marble surfaces (and maybe a bedside bell.)

Colors to Consider: Eggshell, Ivory, Navy, Pewter, Cream

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Contemporary Bedroom

Brando Bed with Panels by Universal

Contemporary bedrooms are simple, streamlined, and made to be minimal. Focus on sleek materials like metal and glass, and pared back styles that emphasize open space. Highlight the height with a great wall piece.

Colors to Consider: Jet Black, Alabaster, Charcoal, Slate

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Bohemian Bedroom

You might like: True Vintage Canopy Bed by Hooker

Bohemian bedrooms are eclectic, offbeat, and global chic. Focus on pairing pattern with color and texture. Layer rugs, bedding, and throw pillows, all in artisanal patterns and weaves. A mix of styles makes for the best take.

Colors to Consider: Cayenne, Saffron, Indigo, Jade, Lemongrass

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Retro Bedroom Style

Ellen DeGeneres Cordell Spindle Bed by Thomasville

Retro bedrooms are fun, colorful and full of energy. Focus on bright shades over timeless forms- powder coated finishes are a favorite find. Seek solid accents that pop, like angular lamps and mod chairs.

Colors to Consider: Avocado, Cherry Red, Cobalt, Turquoise, Tangerine

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Coastal Bedroom Style

You might like: Whiskey Barrel Sleigh Bed by Vaughn-Bassett

Coastal Bedrooms are airy, light, and open. Focus on pale wood or woven furniture, surrounded by serene shades of blue and white. Best case scenario : allow for wide open windows, and a seaside view.

Colors to Consider: Celadon, Sea Mist, Silver, Sand

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Cottage Bedroom Style

Chatelet Upholstered Mantle Panel Bed

Cottage bedrooms are sweet, simple, and pretty. Focus on distressed wood with pale paint, and floral prints, on the walls or duvet. Cue a British garden and the soft smell of roses. Teatime, anyone?

Colors to Consider: Butter Yellow, Warm White, Dove Gray, French Blue


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