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Creative Ways to Upcycle your furniture

Transform Existing Furniture for a New Look!

If you are like many people in today's world, you have become conscious about the amount of waste you produce.

You probably make efforts to recycle anything you can, raid your mother's closet for some back in style, old-school, hand-me-down clothes, and are starting to shop at organic and bargain grocers like and Aldi or Trader Joes.

You're making great efforts to do your part when it comes to taking care of the earth and eliminating waste, but it can be tough to bring these practices into your home decor. Table Of Contents

  • Upcycling

  • New Paint

    • Filing Cabinets

    • End Tables

    • Kids Rooms


Home decorating and interior design is extremely prevalent and trendy right now. 

HGTV has inspired millions of Americans to renovate or change their home decor style to the most "in" look. For some, this means new furniture which goes against your reduce, reuse, recycle values.

Well, we have the solution! Upcycling is a fun way to transform old furniture and breathe new life into a room.

Keep reading to find out more about repurposing your existing furniture to meet your new home decor style standards.  

Upcycling consists of taking something that is no longer of use and turning it into something useful again.


Update Your Outdated Furniture Investments

This could mean taking an old dresser and transforming it into a gardening cabinet or entry way bench and storage area. 

Another creative option is to repurpose an old non-functional grandfather clock into a vibrant  and unique bookshelf.

How to repurpose old furniture

If those projects are too extreme for your ability level, no worries! We have other solutions that will prevent you from having to take your old furniture to the curb.

A less labor intensive option is giving your furniture a facelift with new hardware or a coat of paint.

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Reimagine Your Office Furniture

One of the coolest trends around is making over filing cabinets. There are so many old yucky metal filing cabinets that have been getting kicked to the curb.

They end up in landfills which is a shame, because they can be recycled and you can actually even sell them and make money!

But if you still have a use for a filing cabinet and need to store important documents, there is no point in throwing it out when you can simply give it an upgrade! 

So here's the tea, you need a filing cabinet and you have an old metal one, but you have to hide it in a closet or the basement because it is such an eyesore. Let us help you change that.


Give Your Filing Cabinet a Facelift

The easiest way to transform your ugly duckling of a filing cabinet is with chalk paint. It sticks to everything and always looks fabulous!

To begin, you need to wipe down your file cabinet. That's right, all the dust and cobwebs need to go. 

Then, remove all of the hardware and tape over the keyhole so no paint will get on or in it.

Now you are ready to paint!

It is important that you apply two coats of chalk paint to the cabinet to ensure that you get an even and full coverage.

Feel free to choose any color of chalk paint you desire. Match your existing color scheme or pick a fun color to stand out.

Next, you will need to seal it with wax, and then it is time for the fun part, customization.

Here are some options:  

  • Add pictures frames to the front and paint them to match the cabinet. This adds a fun three-dimensional look (example below).

  • Add new matching hardware so it looks fancier.

  • Stencil some cool designs on the top and sides (these need to be done before the wax finish).

  • Add legs to the bottom so it is lifted off the ground (example shown below)

The options for refurbishing old and unused furniture are endless and it is a simple easy project that anyone can do! 

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How to repurpose old filing cabinets

Makeover that Old End Table

Another easy fun upcycling project that gets people talking is painting old end tables.

Whether it is your night stand, living room end table, or coffee table, this is a great way to give furniture a fresh look rather than buying new.

This a perfect project if you have old wooden stands that are high quality but are scratched up or just don’t have the look you desire.

Once again, chalk paint is the easiest, but if you don't want to pay the price of convenience you can also sand off the gloss coat, prime, and then re-paint.

If you are willing to do the prep work then you can use latex paint with gloss for a shiny finish or matte paint if you still want the muted look.

You can also distress the piece if you want it to look rustic or antique.

This is a fun way to customize a piece of furniture to your style while helping to reduce waste and save the planet. 

Below are the steps to make an old end table really make a statement in your home:

  • Take off your hardware

  • Wipe down the furniture

  • Lightly sand

  • Prime

  • Paint

  • Dry

  • Paint a second coat

  • Dry

  • Add new hardware

  • Place back in the room

This can all be done in one day or you can spread the project out over a few days. Taking your time and letting the paint fully dry will often provide better results.

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Paint Your Furniture Pretty!

Painting old furniture is also a really great idea for kids rooms. They have a tendency to ruin their furniture faster, so it's not as big of a deal when it's already the furniture’s second life.

DIY-ing quality furniture is great for summer homes or ski cabins. These types of places are always fun to decorate with themes and fun customizable looks that you may be too nervous to experiment with in your own home.

These types of homes are also often rented out, and you don't know how other people are going to take care of them. So, it is nice to have furniture that you don't have to be as worried about at your beach house, ski cabin, or lake house.

Have a little fun with your furniture and put your creative vision to use. Check out Pinterest for more inspiration!

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