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How To Choose New Furniture For Your Bedroom

How To Choose New Furniture For Your Bedroom

Posted on: September 24, 2019

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It's happened.

You turned the lights on in your bedroom to get ready for bed, and you don't like what you see anymore.

You're not sure how many times you've slept in that bed, or put clothes away in that dresser, but you're sure you don't want to do it anymore.

The bedroom furniture that used to excite you now does nothing but bore you.

Or even worse, it's broken and its functionality is low.

The dresser is missing a few knobs, the bed frame squeaks when you move just a little bit, and that headboard looks like it was involved in a car accident.

Whatever the reason may be, you've decided that it's time to update your bedroom furniture.

But where do you start?

A seemingly quick and easy task like picking out new furniture can quickly turn into a stressful and overwhelming ordeal.

With thousands of different options and furniture combinations available, it might feel like you'll never be able to settle on just one.

In the article below, we will talk about a few questions you should ask yourself before heading to the store that will make your decisions much easier.

Table Of Contents

  • Determine Your Budget

  • Consider The Quality

  • Consider The Size Of The Room

  • What Do You Need?

  • What's Your Style?

  • To Match or Not to Match?

  • Will The Room Be Shared?

  • Time To Buy

Determine Your Budget

Take your time to browse around for furniture wherever you choose.

It's fun to browse, and it's the best way to see what's available.

However, don't make a purchase, and don't visit any stores with the intent to purchase, before you know what you can afford or what you're willing to pay.

Furniture is typically a significant expense, so know what you can handle before you pull out your credit card.

If you have a large budget, feel free to shop wherever you want.

However, if your dreams are bigger than your budget, you still have some options to get the style you're looking for:

  • Upgrade one piece at a time. Only buy a piece of furniture when you can afford it.

  • Shop second hand. There are plenty of consignment and thrift stores that will have quality furniture. Your timing just has to be right.

  • If you're buying for a child's room, there's no reason to break the bank. Look for lower priced furniture here.

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Consider the Quality

No matter what your budget is, you don't want furniture that is going to fall apart and have to be replaced in a few months.

You don't have to buy the most expensive piece of furniture you can find, but you should be mindful of the quality of the furniture you are considering.

Your budget will play a significant role in choosing new furniture, but so does the intended use.

If you're buying for a child's room, you can get away with sacrificing a bit of quality.

However, you might want to invest a little more into the furniture for your master bedroom so you can get some quality years out of it.

It's also worth spending a little more on a quality mattress and then saving some money on your headboard or the bench for the foot of your bed.

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Bedroom furniture 

Consider The Size Of The Room

If your bedroom is small, you probably don't want to buy a massive four poster bed or oversized dresser.

On the other hand, if you have a large bedroom, don't buy furniture that is to small for space.

Scale is very important for a well-decorated room, meaning the size of your furniture needs to be aligned with the size of your room.

So before you buy that 12 drawer dresser, make sure it'll fit into your room.

Not only does it need to fit in your room, but it has to make it around all the corners and hallways to get to the bedroom.

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What Do You Need?

Maybe you're replacing all of your furniture, starting from scratch after a move to a new house, or upgrading a thing or two here and there.

Either way, know exactly what you need before you go to the furniture.

If you go in without knowing what you're really there for, you can end up buying things you don't need, and not getting what you do.

If you prefer putting your makeup on in the bathroom, skip the vanity.

If you share the bedroom with a partner, make sure you each get a nightstand.

If you're a basketball player measuring in at 6'10" you probably want to pass on the footboard.

And that cute dresser might not hold all of your clothes, so skip it and get one that can.

Also, keep your lifestyle in mind.

If you're a parent to 4 kids who love to pile in your bed every Saturday and Sunday morning, you probably want to opt for a large bed.

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What's Your Style?

If you like modern decorations, don't buy modern furniture.

If you have a particular decorating style, make sure your furniture compliments it.

In the long run, you won't be happy with furniture that doesn't reflect your unique style.

Keep an open mind and don't lock yourself into anything, but be mindful of what you like and what makes you feel good.

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To Match Or Not To Match?

It's often easier to buy a complete matched set of bedroom furniture.

It makes your decision-making process a lot easier and keeps you from wondering if your nightstand is really going to look good with your headboard.

However, you don't have to buy a matched set if you don't want to.

If you have a more casual style of decorating, sometimes furniture that matches can stifle it and be pretty boring.

If that's the case, choose a variety of pieces that complement each other and the overall style of the room.

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Will The Room Be Shared?

If the room will be shared, whether by a married couple or siblings, take both people into account when choosing your furniture.

If it's for siblings, you'll need two beds or a bunk bed.

For a shared room, each occupant will need dresser space, and their own nightstand or bedside table.

You also need to consider the styles of each person.

This can make things difficult when two siblings have conflicting styles.

It's even more difficult when the married couple has conflicting styles.

It might be necessary to compromise, but each person should be happy with their bedroom. 

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Time To Buy

You've waited long enough.

It's time to update your bedroom furniture and be happy with the bedroom you sleep in every night.

The task of upgrading your furniture is not an easy one, but if you follow the advice above, your decision-making process should be much smoother.

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