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How to select the perfect sofa for your space

Is it true? Are you overdue? Not your library books - your sofa! Is a sofa update hanging over your head, keeping company with that pile of unpaid bills? Searching for a new couch shouldn’t be another tedious task, but an exciting undertaking. If you’ve been haunted by the hunt or daunted by the details, we’re here to help. Let’s cover considerations, so you can get straight to the furniture fun:

Table Of Contents

  • Small or Spacious

    • Large Living Room

    • Small Space

  • Comfort Or Conversation

    • Liable to Lounge?

    • Geard To Entertain?

  • The Company You Keep

    • The Silver Set

    • Little Ones

    • Furry Friends

Small or Spacious?


Does your living room loom large? Sectionals are here to turn your surplus space into seating. Modular and sometime expansive, sectionals work best when they have room to breathe, in spaces with tall ceilings, large windows, or ample foot space. Sectionals are a great solution for open floor concepts, poised to designate the living room from the dining area.

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Does your tiny apartment come with a tinier living room? A loveseat is perfect seating for two, and can be found in an endless array of styles - from prim to plush. A loveseat is also a great piece to nestle in a bedroom nook. Have overnight guests, but no extra room? Consider a sleeper sofa. Models today optimize space and tuck comfy mattresses out of sight until lights out.

Tip : Measure your entry ways before moving to make sure your new sofa will make it in the house.

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Sofa Styles

Comfort or Conversation?

Are you here for comfort or conversation? Your sofa speaks volumes about the way your living room likes to work.

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Are you a midday napper, a late night reader, or the proud owner of a slanket? If comfort is your priority, you’re in the market for a soft, generous sofa. The Lawson style is your classic American couch, with plush pillows and sinkable style. For curling up, opt for a version with a greater seat depth (also appropriate if you have a family full of long legs).

Tip : Upgrade to down fill for ultimate luxury.

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If you aim to wine and dine, a more formal living space may be up your alley. When outfitting the occasional sitting area, select form first. This is an opportunity to introduce a classic sofa design, like the Cabriole or the Camel Back. Pair these elegant options with a loveseat or occasional chairs to create an intimate group (great for gossip). Sleek, streamlined sectionals might also fit the bill. Choose modern options, curved for conversation.

Tip : to liven up a traditional form, choose fabric in a bright color or bold pattern.

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The Company You Keep

Suit your sofa to the ones you love, and create a space to stay.

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Do older family members live en suite or visit often? Avoid low seats, which may make it hard to rise. Opt for firmer cushions, with sturdy armrests. Add throw pillows, to soften their seats.

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Is your living room playground central? For kid-friendly sofas, try covering your couch with outdoor fabric. You can’t tell by touch that this type of fabric is technical, but it wears well and cleans like a dream. Slipcovers are another option, which can be regularly tossed in the wash. Avoid sofas with sharp edges, which can bump tender heads.

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Are you the resident cat lady? Or Fido’s favorite friend? Even if you’ve trained your pets to stay away from the couch, stray fur tends to travel. Patterned upholstery works to mask fur, great when you haven’t had a chance to clean. Avoid tweed, velvet and wool, which tend to attract fur. Opt instead for leather, faux suede and microfiber, fabrics that love your animals as much as you do.


Armed with these aims, its time to check the sofa search off your list. Whether your space is small or large, you can make like Goldilocks and find a sofa that is just right. Do you plan to lounge or entertain? Tailor your hunt to deep reads or Superbowl Sunday. Consider the loved ones who will share your space, and pick furniture that makes everyone happy. Soon? you’ll be sinking into the best seat in the house...

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