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Dining In Style: 6 Ways to Decorate your Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining In Style: 6 Ways to Decorate your Dining Room

Posted on: August 8, 2017

From the formal Sunday meal to Monday morning pancakes, these options have you covered. Sit down and settle in to the style that speaks to you.


Dining-In-Style-Formal.jpgImage credit: Ripetta

Formal dining rooms are spaces dedicated solely to outstanding meals and elegant entertaining. These traditional spaces center around a finely made, coordinated dining set, often featuring dark, polished wood. Look for an exquisite chandelier for elevated lighting, and decor in contrasting tones of dark and light. Opt for symmetry and sophistication.



Transitional2.jpgImage credit: Decor Pad

Transitional dining rooms are refreshing hybrids of formal and casual dining spaces. This style is the best of both worlds, featuring relaxed formality grounded with a nod to tradition. For a chic take on transitional, pair a simple, streamlined table with traditional chairs in unexpected colors. Pair high and low elements, like gilded wall paper and pared back window treatments.



Casual.jpgImage Credit: Home Beautiful

Casual dining rooms reflect the relaxed nature of many modern meals. This approach puts comfort and ease front and center, without sacrificing style. Choose a sturdy table that will do double duty for work or play. Opt for welcoming chairs, and say goodbye to stiff backed dinners. Out with perfect coordination, and in with eclectic, playful pairings. Try a pop of color, or a bright palette all over. And check out this post for some dining room color inspiration.



Image Credit: Decor Pad

Dining rooms in the cottage style are sunny, bright spaces. For an open, airy feel, layer the room with assorted hues of white, for everything from the chairs to the walls. Choose pieces with a distressed surface for warm, weathered charm. For a classic take on cottage, include details in blue and yellow. Group mixed seating to create a cozy space that encourages conversation. Add a pitcher of primroses, and you’re ready for brunch!



Rustic.jpgImage Credit: Old House Online

Rustic dining rooms are warm, textural spaces. Various types of wood are often front and center, from exposed beams to hefty tables. Offset the warmth of wood with industrial metal notes, and window treatments in raw linen. Focus on natural tones and materials, and settle in for a heartening meal.



Image Credit: Home Beautiful

Contemporary dining rooms are sleek and sophisticated. Choose streamlined furniture forms, and pared back decor. Light up the space with a single pendant light, and decorate the walls with modern works of art, and plenty of negative space. Think chic, simple, and refined.

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