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How to pick the right accent table for your space

Accent tables are a very practical and essential piece of furniture.

We eat on them, play games on them, work on them, and use them for storage among many other things.

You can go into 100 houses, and not all of them will have every piece of furniture available to them.

However, I can almost guarantee that all 100 houses will have a table.

Not only is the table the most practical piece of furniture, but it is also one of the most versatile.

Especially when we're talking about accent tables.

The right accent table, or set of accent tables, can set the design of your room off and act as a statement piece.

An accent table can showcase your own personal style and make a statement as soon as people enter the room.

Whether that room is the living room or your bedroom, your accent table can be surface space for reading materials, a lamp, or even your morning cup of coffee.

Variations of color, size, shape and even texture can drastically change the look and feel of your room, allowing it to showcase your personality.

Accent tables are a perfect way to show off your unique tastes by choosing a table that's as stylish as it is practical and convenient.

Below we will talk about the various ways to incorporate an accent table into your home and have it be a statement piece to showcase your unique style.

Table Of Contents

  • What's The Best Material For Your Accent Table?

    • Ceramic

    • Wood

    • Metal

  • Mix and Match Your Styles

  • Make A Statement


What's The Best Material For Your Accent Table?

As far as materials go, your imagination is the only limit to what you can use for your accent table.

There's an endless list of potential furniture materials, so you will have plenty of options when you choose the accent table that's perfect for your home.

Below we will talk about three of the most common materials used, and why each one might be perfect for you. 

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If you thought the only thing ceramic is good for is vases for your flowers, think again.

Ceramic is actually a very versatile material that can be used for a variety of things in your home, including your accent tables.

Ceramic accent tables make for a very creative piece you can utilize in any space where you want to add a splash of personality.

Ceramic end tables provide an endless amount of color options, making them perfect for incorporating a work of art into your home that has a practical use.

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Wood is a classic material you can't go wrong with.

If you want top of the line furniture that you can pass down from generation to generation, wood is for you.

Wood accent tables are strong and durable, able to withstand years of use.

You can paint your wood accent table any color you can dream of, and the color you choose along with the construction style will only get better with age.

Wood is an excellent choice for many people since there are many types of woods with a variety of different finishes available.

WIth a wood accent table, you know that you can have a classic statement piece that will be beautifully crafted.

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Wood Accent Table


If you like the industrial look, a metal accent table is the way to go.

With a metal accent table, you will be able to add a touch of that industrial charm into your room.

And with a metal accent table coasters are a thing of the past.

Water rings are no match for a metal surface and can be washed away without fear of damaging your table.

A metal accent table is the perfect statement piece to an otherwise rustic or traditional room or will go well with a contemporary or eclectic interior design.

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Mix And Match Your Styles

With so many different options available for your accent tables, it would be a crime to buy only one.

Some people might see the limitless options as intimidating, but we see it as an opportunity.

And not only should you buy more than one accent table, but you should also mix and match their styles.

Mix and match the shapes, materials, and colors to get the perfect combination that matches your unique style.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you mix and match your accent tables:

  1. When matching wooden accent tables, you should be sure they match in tone. Using a blend of different wood types and finishes creates a natural organic mix, but blending works best when you match warm and cool colors separately.

  2. If you're mixing metal tables, feel free to mix more than one type of finish, Metals like gold, brass, and bronze all work wonderfully together to create a dynamic impact, and unlike wood, matching warm and cool tines will create a chic effect.

  3. Mix metal and wood. The best combinations of accent tables are often the most unique. A blend of wooden and metal tables can create a rustic industrial style, or bold, colored, dramatic pieces can create exotic duos.

  4. When you mix and match shapes and sizes, you're adding variety to the aesthetic of your living space. Try mixing a small round table with a large rectangular table to create a mix that pops and place them conveniently in open spaces in the room.

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Make A Statement

While being very practical and useful, you can do so much more with your accent table.

The perfectly chosen accent table, or set of accent tables, will provide a pop of style to your room, all while making a statement and showing off your unique style.

So don't settle when it comes to your accent tables.

Be creative and use your imagination. Your options are nearly limitless here.

Take advantage of that and use your accent table as a statement piece.

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