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2018 Fall Inspired Home Decor Colors

Fall Décor

Fall is the time of year where the leaves change, colors, pumpkins, apples, and mums become super popular, and scarves and mittens are a cute fun fashion must. With these as inspiration for your décor, your home will be filled with warmth.

Warm rich colors like red, orange and yellow provide that fall feel. These colors lie on the warm side of the color wheel which can be overwhelming to the eye and become a disaster if not done right.

So consider the muted tones of these colors to provide warmth without clashing.

Warmth doesn't just come in color you can add rugs, and blanket to add warmth to your home as well.

Table Of Contents

  • Fall All Year

  • Fall For The Season

  • Where To Get Your Fall Decor All Under One Roof?


Fall All Year - Trending Colors That Make A Splash

If you are wanting fall to inspire your décor all year then pull out the paint brushes because these colors will make a big splash in your home. Walls, doors, and furniture can all be painted to fit one of these favorite fall color schemes.  

According to Sam Henderson at HGTV, here are the Fall Color Trends:

Benjamin Moore Fall Trending colors are black beauty, sharkskin, driftwood, and dinner party. These are neutral sophisticated colors that provide the perfect backdrop for a room with pop color accent accessories.

Pratt & Lambert Fall Trending colors include oakbuff, poppy, victory blue, shadow's secrets, and red mosaic. These colors pop a little more than the last selection which can be used on the walls, door or furniture.

Sherwin-Williams Fall trending colors are spicy Hue, overjoy, half-caff, felted wool, and basque green. These color are more of a traditional color palette. Also be sure to check out their own color of the month.

The options aren't over yet. Forbes has their own take on fall trending colors that are more on the traditional side.

According to Forbes 2018 Fall Color Trends are Burnt Orange, Rich Red, Olive Green, Pale Yellow, and Vibrant Purple.

Carmel and terracotta are always fall favorites that people find easy to decorate a room around. These are more neutral tones with the warmth of underlining yellows.

Painting your home can be a big decision and an even bigger project. The color of a room can affect your mood and production level. Make sure you choose the right color for you and your family.

If painting your house or even one room isn't exactly what you had in mind right now, consider painting one wall or wallpaper or even painting furniture pieces.

No painting at all, not even DIY furniture painting.... understandable.

Why not buy furniture and accent pieces in these color schemes that will give the same feel and still have a wonderful fall effect in your home.

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Fall Colors
Photo Credit: Sam Henderson  

Fall For the Season - Seasonal Favorites to Mesmerize Your Guests

If you are wanting the fall feel and look just for the season, then it's better you don't paint the walls, rather use the color schemes from above and get accent items such as pillows, blankets and seasonal rugs in these colors.

Switching out items like these can drastically change the overall look of any room. You can even go as far as changing vases and lamps too!

Swapping these items out for the season can provide warmth and keep the look of your home fresh. Knitted blankets, textured pillows and fluffy rugs over the carpet will make an impact without a lot of work and excessive cost.

Adding pumpkins, apples, and mums to the center of your table, buffet, sofa stand, entryway or fireplace mantel will all help to achieve the fall feel without too much clutter.

These years light green, white and orange pumpkins are on every doorstep and home display adding a cool feel with the traditional vibrant orange. It goes well with the country rustic farm look similar to our Rustic Imports line and the popular shabby chic facade. DIY crafts, to fancy decorations, to old wooden baskets, can give you the harvest feel for fall. 

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Where to Get Your Fall Decor All Under One Roof

When it comes to knits throws, rugs, lamps, and pillows Furniture of Dalton has you covered.

Come shop for quality furniture that will help you get the warm feel of fall for the season. If you want the warm colors with furniture to match your desired color scheme, we have the best selection of earthly tone furniture and rustic wood tables that will provide you with the cozy feel you deserve this fall.

Call today to talk with one of our knowledgeable sale team members now!


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10 simple ways to mix and match patterns in your home

Let's face it, the lack of bold patterns and mixing and matching designs can make your home dull.

Only having solid colors throughout can be basic and unwelcoming. Not to say solids don't have their place; they're just not very fun.

Playful colors that add visual interest and contrast make your interiors much more exciting.

However, mixing and matching patterns isn't always easy.

And, if it isn't done right, it can ruin the feel of the room, and you'd be better off with boring solid walls.

It's important to know how to choose the right complementary colors and the scale of patterns to use amongst each other.

Before you start choosing colors and patterns at random, there are a few simple tips and guidelines to follow that will keep you from ruining your room.

Below are ten simple ways to mix and match patterns in your home.

Table Of Contents

  • Wallpaper Is Your Friend

  • Use Patterns From Your Travels

  • It's In The Details

  • Tone on Tone

  • Find A Pattern You Love

  • Embrace Bold Colors and Prints

  • Use A Variety of Scales

  • Pair Large Prints With Neutral Colors

  • Combine White With A Colored Pattern

  • Determine Your Color Palette

  • Mix and Match Like A Pro


1. Wallpaper Is Your Friend

It's easy to get so caught up in textiles that you forget that patterns can be brought out through your wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a great way to show off your love of prints in the background without completely overpowering your furnishings.

If you want a big and bold print, a good place for it would be on an accent wall behind your bed or dining room table and then using a smaller print or neutral paint color on the adjacent walls.

This will balance the room and make it easy on the eyes. 

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2. Use Patterns From Your Travels

This is for all of our readers out there with the travel bug.

Traveling the world and exploring foreign countries allows you to build an amazing collection of fabrics and textiles.

Use the patterns and prints you've collected and mix and match them with solid colors in your living spaces or bedroom to bring life to a once dull room.

It's almost unbelievable how much a few native fabrics from your travels can help you create an interior you adore.

It can also create a sense of nostalgia for you and provides the ultimate talking piece with your guests.

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3. It's In The Details

The task of choosing wallpaper, drapery, fabrics and other decorations can tend to confuse homeowners as to what they really want to embrace in their home.

An easy way to combat this is to choose a piece of wall art you adore, or a beautifully colored ottoman, and use that as your inspiration.

Find the patterns and prints that will embody your focal point piece, or that will match complimentary in style and color to it.

This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and will help ensure you fall in love with the outcome.

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4. Tone On Tone Colors Help Prints Neutralize Your Space

The ability to choose varying saturation and tint levels of the same color in your designs have made it much easier to decorate.

Using varying shades of browns, grays, and white can mix and match patterns easily because the outcome is a mixture of varying levels of impact.

Choose one or two decorative items that have a large impact print and then tone down the other furnishings with tighter and smaller dynamic prints. 

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5. Find A Pattern You Love

If you happen to like plaid patterns or polka dots, feel free to mix and match them in alternating decorative textiles.

Your bedroom is an excellent room to try this in.

Bedding, accent pillows, window treatments, and lampshades can borrow varying scale versions of the prints you love.

Use solid colors for your sheets and coordinate accent pillows and an area rug to balance the patterns you love.

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6. Embrace Bold Colors And Prints

The best part of mixing and matching patterns is the almost infinite amount of bold colors you have at your disposal.

Choose prints that have a monochromatic design that doesn't compete visually with the bold colors around it.

Using a neutral colored wall paint combined with the right amount of colors and patterns will give your room that "wow" factor.

Remember, you aren't limited to pastel colors. Bold colors will make your interior exciting and invigorating.

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Living Room Colors

7. Use A Variety Of Scales

Remember that large-scale patterns can intermingle with small-scale prints as long as the color palette stays in the same color family.

Choose a dominant print from artwork or your window treatments and select smaller scale patterns for accent pillows and textiles throughout the room.

The more variety you have in the scale of your patterns, the more comfortable and welcoming the space will feel. 

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8. Pair Large Prints With Neutral Colors

Large or bold prints can be used tastefully when you mix and match patterns.

A general rule to follow is to start with a neutral color on the walls and floors and use a few layers of bold prints in an area rug or furniture.

Then you can fill the space with neutral colored sofas, chairs, and ottomans to neutralize the room.

The bold patterns work magically with neutral tones. 

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9. Combine White With A Colored Pattern

The simplest way to combine patterns is to choose a colored pattern and pair it with a white background.

Whether you choose a monochromatic scheme in white and black, or you use a nautical theme with navy blue, and white, always use your imagination.

Then you can introduce patterns of that color in stripes, polka dots, bold prints, or whatever creates a statement without being overpowering. 

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10. Determine Your Color Palette

One of the biggest challenges of mixing and match is determining what will look good together, and what's going to clash.

Before you even start thinking of a pattern, decide on a color palette that you love first.

When choosing, decide if warmer colors or colder colors will work best.

There are warm and cool sides of every color, so choose one or two main colors and one or two accent colors to deliver a pop of character.


Mix And Match Like A Pro

If you follow the steps above, you can easily and confidently turn that boring room into a room that makes people say, "wow!"

Mix and matching styles and patterns can be intimidating, but if it's done right, it's a complete game changer.

Follow the advice above, and your house will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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